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Heineken + Visualfabriq

The Heineken AI Prediction Model

In this presentation, that was given at the 2020 Visualfabriq User Event, Victor de Graaff and Lars Nijland from Heineken Netherlands explained the Heineken AI prediction models that are used in the Visualfabriq tool and their benefits for the organization.

Victor is a freelance Data Scientist who created prediction models for Heineken and Unilever, while Lars is Demand Planner and Project Lead for the Visualfabriq prediction model at Heineken Netherlands.

Topics that they covered:

  • Three predictive models: In-market, Ex-factory, Phasing
  • How do these models work?
  • Model performance; current predictions vs the new model
  • Current improvement topics

“What we see now is that (AI) predictions are better than manual predictions”

Victor de Graaff

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