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Visualfabriq Bifrost: Simplifying data integration for the CPG industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry relies heavily on data to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive revenue growth.  

However, some CPG companies, especially those relying on spreadsheets or older tools, struggle to effectively combine different types of data due to limitations in their current way of working. This challenge becomes especially evident for those companies in the CPG industry where data is anything but uniform, arriving from a multitude of sources at a rapid and relentless pace. 

The key to successful revenue management is ensuring that all data sources are seamlessly aligned, and those conducting the analysis can readily recognize and trust the data at their disposal. These seemingly straightforward requirements, however, become extremely complex in practice, particularly when organizations provide commercial teams with disparate data sources they need to combine and interpret manually.  

Three critical issues tend to emerge when a structural solution for data combination and analysis, captured in an automated, integrated data source, is absent: 

  1. Individuals within the organization start to lose trust in their revenue management software. The data becomes unrecognizable, casting doubt on the integrity of the information used to guide strategic decisions. 
  1. Distinguishing whether a problem resides within the software or the source systems of the CPG companies becomes time-consuming and resource-intensive. These diagnostic procedures consume valuable time that could be better utilized for more strategic endeavors. 
  1. There’s a heavy dependency on IT resources, which, while essential, do not always possess the requisite business context. This reliance can lead to further inefficiencies and miscommunications. 

Unveiling Bifrost: The power of data integration 

At the heart of Visualfabriq’s commitment to making data integration easier for the CPG industry is Bifrost, a game-changing data integration suite. Bifrost empowers super users within CPG companies by giving them the tools and capabilities to work with data seamlessly, so the data integration process becomes less of a black box operation. 

Bifrost’s core capabilities encompass the full data lifecycle, from data acquisition to analysis, and include: 

  • Data Gathering: Bifrost enables users to gather all the data needed for Visualfabriq’s solutions to work optimally. This step is crucial as it ensures that the right data is available for analysis and forecasting. 
  • Data Loading and Processing: Bifrost efficiently loads and processes data into the Visualfabriq platform, readying it for use by other modules. This process ensures that data is clean, up-to-date, and ready for analysis. 
  • Data Visualization: Bifrost provides clear insights into data, making it easy for users to understand where their data is and how it’s being used. This transparency is a significant step toward demystifying data integration. 
  • Data Export: Bifrost allows users to export data from the Visualfabriq platform, feeding data back into their automated processes. This two-way data flow ensures that insights gained from the software can be put into action effectively. 

The value of Bifrost 

Visualfabriq’s Bifrost brings substantial value to CPG companies, making data integration a breeze. Here’s how: 

  • Ease-of-Use: Bifrost simplifies data integration by offering data-transfer-as-a-service, eliminating the need for complex development work. It also streamlines file management and standardizes access to file storage, making the process more user-friendly. 
  • Transparency: Bifrost’s visualization capabilities remove the black box element from data integration, giving users a clear view of their data’s journey. Centralized logging establishes data lineage, ensuring data’s trustworthiness and traceability. 
  • Your Data, best-in-class Software: Visualfabriq understands the importance of data security and transparency. Visualfabriq software ensures that your data remains yours, and it takes the responsibility of safeguarding the data seriously. This trust enables flexibility in a rapidly changing data landscape. 
  • Simplified Data Management: Bifrost empowers users to take charge of their digitalization journey by rendering data comprehensible and manageable. Through intuitive visualization, it simplifies complexity, obviates the necessity for custom software development, and grants secure access to your data. 

Generating insight with Bifrost 

Visualfabriq doesn’t stop at simplifying data integration; its mission is to empower customers to unlock their potential through data-driven solutions. Bifrost plays a pivotal role in this journey: 

  • Monitoring (Trust): Bifrost provides the tools needed to monitor data integration processes, ensuring the trustworthiness of data. When users can trust their data, they can confidently make critical business decisions. 
  • Metrics (Knowledge): Visualfabriq’s data integration layer offers valuable metrics that provide knowledge about data quality, performance, and effectiveness. These insights are essential for continuous improvement. 
  • Visibility (Insights): Bifrost offers visibility into data, enabling users to gain deep insights into how their data is being utilized. These insights drive better decision-making and help uncover opportunities for revenue growth. 

Visualfabriq’s Bifrost is a game-changer in the CPG industry, simplifying data integration and demystifying the complexities associated with it. By empowering super users and providing transparency throughout the data lifecycle, Bifrost enables CPG companies to optimize operations, enhance forecast reliability, and create win-win strategies that drive revenue growth. In a data-driven world, Bifrost ensures that data integration is no longer perceived as complicated but is seen as a vital tool for success in the CPG industry. 

Are you looking to improve efficiency through seamless data integration and ensure easy data integration? If so, discover how Visualfabriq’s Revenue Management Software can provide the solution you need. Learn more or book a demo today to take the first step toward simplifying your data integration journey and unlocking your business’s full potential.