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Build brands and improve business results in CPG through efficient management and optimization of marketing activations.

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Let’s build your brand with Brand Activation Management.

The Marketing Events Master empowers marketing teams to manage brand activations. Creating the right strategy significantly improves business results. The user friendly tool makes it easy to plan, track and optimise activations.


Visualfabriq’s brand activation management gives insight into the performance of activations. Track against both qualitative and quantitative targets and optimise the impact of marketing spend. In a highly competitive market, using Visualfabriq’s marketing activation management tool will give you the advantage you need to be the front-runner in CPG.


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Brand activation management to love

Drive brand communication strategy with the Marketing Events Master.

What’s so exiting?

Your teams are smart, well educated people. Benefit from your people by digitizing and automating all repetitive, non value added activities.

Fast and easy planning of brand activations and events
The Marketing Events Master has a user friendly way of planning: it navigates users to enter just the minimum of data needed. The rest? That's automated!
Integrated calendar to drive alignment and optimal planning
Visualfabriq's gantt chart enables all users to view upcoming events and make sure to align their plans for optimum results.
Budget setting, cost monitoring and spend actualization
Spend effectively to build your brands, but make sure not to overspend through budget setting and spend monitoring.
Target driven creation of marketing plans
Set targets for marketing teams. During creation of events and activations select the relevant targets and track against them.
Visibility, traceability and accountability through an embedded workflow
Set approval roles and track changes through a configurable workflow.

Why Visualfabriq's Marketing Events Master?

Drive performance of activations.

Build your marketing plan, track performance in flight and optimize future activations based on insights and actuals.

Target driven.

Set targets, both quantitative and qualitative, for your brand or a specific activation and review performance so you can adjust where required.

Autonomous teams.

Enable decision making and drive accountability through the transparent status workflow embedded in the module, including approval if required. Monitor through the visibility and traceability in the logbook.

Highly flexible.

The module includes multiple local market configuration options to address market specific needs.

Integrated eco-system.

Marketing Events ensures efficiency and data accuracy for insights generation and alignment between commercial teams.

Manage marketing spend 

Get actionable insight in committed and actual costs, have accurate forecasts and easy reporting of your marketing spend, at any required level of detail.


“Visualfabriq has helped us to set up a very clear simple process that every single sales member of our organization knows”

Finance Director | Global Snacking Company

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