All for a good cause

At Visualfabriq we believe that ‘Unleash your excellence’ should not only apply to our customers but to society as a whole. And most importantly to those that need it most.


1% for the next generation

We are proud to be part of the Net4Kids community. We made a commitment for our company to contribute to the vision and mission of Net4Kids. Net4Kids wants to give underprivileged children the opportunity to unleash their potential, to grow as a person and get ready for a self-sufficient and economically independent life. We want to unleash their excellence, and we are proud that we can help them!


Any company can do it

In this booklet we explain how we started, what we do and why, and how our work with Net4Kids fits into our company DNA.


It’s not charity, it’s social responsibility

Take the step and start today. It’s a wonderful journey.