You’ll love our Demand Forecast Master.

With our Demand Forecast Master®, your demand planning is automated and based on consumption rather than shipments. A unique solution that allows you to work exception-based using embedded AI. It gives insights into forecast accuracy and product performance that help improve the baseline forecast. 


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Focus your efforts on what really matters and rely on AI for the rest


Let’s be honest, it’s hard to predict the future. The demand patterns of parts of your portfolio are stable, some assortment may be more volatile. Our demand planning solution uses historical data to create a baseline forecast. It is equipped to use both ex-factory (also known as sell-in) and syndicated data (also known as sell-out). Using our proven AI models, the demand solution predicts future demand like no other.


Automate the demand plan where possible. This enables you to focus on the items with significant volatility. With Visualfabriq’s demand planning software you will have time to add your special touch to that part of the assortment that requires your attention.


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Look ahead and plan for success

Our demand forecast tool supports the full S&OP cycle with statistical forecasting, predictive analytics and insightful reports.

What’s so exciting?

Improve your forecast with AI-based predictions
Visualfabriq's unique Artificial Intelligence solution accurately predicts baselines using over 100 optimisation scenarios, enabling demand planners to focus on outliers.
Based on your consumers
Consumers behavior is often driven by habit. Visualfabriq's demand forecasting predictions use consumption based statistical forecasting. Integrate syndicated data to get the best results.
Reports that deliver insights
Visualfabriq's demand planning software makes it easy to analyse the baseline forecast. The native integration with the Revenue Plan turns volume into value. Use the embedded reporting functionalities to drive success.
Easily include risks and opportunities
At Visualfabriq, we know that there are always uncertainties. Add risks and opportunities to add business input to optimise the baseline forecast.
Go beyond the industry’s standard “horizon”
Build a long term outlook beyond the usual planning window with the aid of the embedded AI. Review the impact of long term trends, create investment strategies and prepare to be agile.

Why Visualfabriq Demand Forecast Master?

Save time automating baseline generation

The Demand Forecast Master is accurately predicts future demand. Easily manage product switching, innovations and delistings. Automate the creation of accurate forecasts. Combine both internal and external data sources to understand trends. Build an unconstrained forecast with confidence, trusting Visualfabriq’s leading embedded AI.

Get answers, not to-do’s

The unconstrained forecast shows the impact of the statistical baseline, planned promotions and other volumes such as risks and opportunities. Understand and mitigate impactors and prepare for success.

Deep dive in just a few clicks

Compare the forecast with actuals or previous snapshots. Understand deltas and drivers of change to actively improve the forecast and be a partner to commercial teams.

Clarity during monthly business reviews

Be a true sparring partner in the monthly business review volume cycle discussions. Review the sell-in unconstrained forecast with the S&OP support screen. Present and explain the generated baseline and impact of promotions. From now on you leave meetings with answers instead of new questions.

Zero touch demand planning at a detailed level

The statistical baseline is created bottom-up, delivering a statistical forecast for each plan account and product combination. Arrive at a maximum zero touch planning (up to 80% of the portfolio) and only focus on the exceptions.

Drive one single source of truth

Visualfabriq’s demand software is the basis for volume input throughout the platform. The Trade Promotion Master uses the baseline as a starting point for promotion volume creation. The Revenue Plan turns volume into value to create a financial latest estimate.



“What we see now is that (AI) predictions are better than Manual predictions”

Data Scientist | Global Brewing Company

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