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Enjoy consumption based statistical forecasting

Creating an accurate baseline can be a painstaking job: it’s predicting the future, based on the past. Using legacy tools and spreadsheets it’s primarily a manual task. This often drives demand planners to manage baselines at a higher level in the hierarchy. Visualfabriq automates the creation of baselines, using ex-factory and consumption data. It predicts at the lowest level of the product and plan account hierarchy using embedded AI. The result: time to focus on outliers, innovations and assortment changes.


The Visualfabriq software enables:

  • AI enhanced creation of baselines on the lowest level of product and plan account hierarchy
  • Consumption based volume predictions
  • Automated volume switching for assortment changes
  • Work exception based


Visualfabriq’s platform is modular and configurable: use one solution or benefit from all it has to offer. Think how demand teams shine. Think Visualfabriq.


Who can Benefit?

Demand Planner
  • Create AI-enhanced, consumption based baseline predictions
  • Easily align with commercial teams using best in class reports
  • Receive promotional uplift through the integration with promotion planning
Demand Manager
  • Trust the accurate, detailed baseline predictions
  • Enable demand planners to focus on assortment that requires attention
  • Sign of on volumes, together with commercial teams


AI enhanced demand prediction

As forecasting accuracy, stock cover and cash flow become more important in CPG organisations, so does demand forecasting. Visualfabriq’s Demand Forecast Master creates AI enhanced ex-factory and consumption based baselines. They are generated at the lowest level of the product and plan account hierarchy. The result: more reliable input for promotion management and optimization and a better financial forecast.

Marketing persona

Visualfabriq solution for Demand teams.

AI enhanced baseline predictions

Visualfabriq uses best in class AI models to generate baselines. It uses both ex-factory and syndicated data to create an accurate prediction. Accurate at the lowest level of detail.

Integrated with promotional planning

An accurate baseline allows commercial teams to better generate promotional uplift. Visualfabriq’s platform is build to integrate all capabilities: deliver the baseline to promotional planning, and receive reliable incremental volumes.

Reporting for monthly business cycles

Be a true business sparring partner with best practice reports supporting monthly business reviews. Include promotional input, assess risks and opportunities and present at any level of aggregation.

Volume to value reporting 

Baseline and incremental volumes are used on the platform to create the Revenue Plan: the financial outlook. Be a key partner in business outlook discussions, knowing the organisation works from a one number principle.


Plan for success


Bring value to the CPG organisation through accurate baseline prediction. Plan consumption-based: Unlock the baseline to commercial and financial teams without effort. Receive trustworthy input to generate an unconstrained forecast.


value added reports using all data on the platform. Trust the data: governed by a four eye principle, enforced through configurable approval flows. Efficiently create insight in trade spend development and advise to drive future profitability. Have the solution you need to not only win today, but in the future too.

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