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As consumer behavior changes due to cost cutting and consumption trends, organizations in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry require highly accurate forecasts. Meanwhile demand teams face burdensome manual work. As a result, volume predictions are often at a higher level in the product and account hierarchy, making them less useful for commercial purposes.


Visualfabriq’s Demand Forecast Master™ provides CPG teams with a reliable baseline forecast at the lowest level of the product and account hierarchy. Artificial intelligence (AI) modelling improves accuracy and predictability. Automated integration of relevant data sources generates both sell-in- and consumption-based baseline predictions. By including trade promotion volumes, it provides an unconstrained forecast as a basis for commercial planning. Get ready for reduced errors and aligned decision-making.


Who benefits?

Demand manager
  • Drive demand planning team efficiency  through AI-enhanced baseline creation using bayesian models, creating an exception-based forecasting process.
  • Align with commercial and finance teams on actions that make a difference, based on predictable volume forecasts.
  • Drive predictability through utilization of relevant data sources for consumption-based prediction and fact-based smoothening.
Demand planner
  • Drive predictability throughout the organization with the creation of baselines at the lowest level of the product and account hierarchy.
  • Receive accurate promotional impactors from commercial teams through data alignment between the Trade Promotion Master™ and Demand Forecast Master™.
  • Focus on assortment that requires attention and enjoy efficient switching of assortment with Visualfabriq’s Product Lifecycle.


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One forecast, one truth

Visualfabriq’s Demand Forecast Master™ provides CPG teams with a reliable baseline at the highest level of granularity. Supported by best-in-class statistical AI models, it drives improved accuracy and predictability. The software transforms demand forecasting by unifying diverse data sources. This drives the creation of both sell-in and consumption-based baseline forecasts.


As the Demand Forecast Master™ works in unison with other Visualfabriq modules, the baselines are a basis for trade promotion strategies and creation of the Revenue Plan. It provides a single source of truth for all teams, reducing errors and ensuring aligned decision-making.

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Game changers for demand teams

Enjoy low total cost of ownership

Visualfabriq offers its software as a service (SaaS). All customers use the latest codebase, without the need to upgrade – ever. This is paired with low implementation and maintenance costs: 100% configuration drives fast deployment while unlimited scaling capabilities allow for constant growth of your organization and data.

Improve efficiency through seamless data integration

With so many relevant data sources, seamless integration of ex-factory data and external data sources (syndicated data, EPoS etc.) is key. Visualfabriq enables customers to manage all sources efficiently. The result? Improved outlook reliability and the ability to create win-win investment strategies.

Save time by eradicating repetitive tasks

Manual administration, account proposal generation and audit trails take up too much time in CPG organizations. Advanced automation reduces reliance on manual work and frees up time to take those actions that really make a difference.

Drive efficiency with data alignment across the organization

The Visualfabriq revenue forecasting and optimization software is created as a single, integrated ecosystem logically connecting the different solutions to the Revenue Plan and each other. This ensures full alignment of data, driving a one-number principle throughout organizations.

Remove manual work through advanced master data management

Changes in master data, especially assortment changes, eat away valuable time within CPG organizations. Visualfabriq’s Product Lifecycle, a standard feature of the software, handles all product switching and automatically applies it throughout the revenue growth software.

Increase predictability and drive optimization

Visualfabriq has embedded artificial intelligence (AI), driving the ability to create promotional scenarios and optimize “as you plan.”


Take action to drive profitable growth


Enabling demand planners to focus on assortment that requires action, while accurately creating an AI-enhanced baseline forecast at the lowest level of product and account hierarchy: this is what Visualfabriq’s software does.


Planners gain time to review NPD performance, focus on outliers and align with commercial teams on relevant changes in distribution, promotion and marketing strategies. Drive efficient monthly business review cycles as teams align on the volumes and ask “what’s next” not “what happened.” Free up time to make the difference in delivering sustainable growth.

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