For finance teams

Take control of revenue forecasting and trade spend.

Every finance professional in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry recognises the stress of creating a forecast in spreadsheets. Manually combine all input, make last minute changes and triple check. In fact, triple check everything, always: planned spends, changes versus the previous snapshot. But not anymore. Visualfabriq’s revenue forecasting and optimisation software generates financial outlooks and reports automatically. Finance professionals can finally start to bring real value to CPG organisations.


The Visualfabriq tool enables:

  • Automated creation of financial latest estimates
  • Easy, automated control of administrated trade spend prices
  • Fast analysis of investment and pricing strategies
  • Creation of an investment strategy

Visualfabriq’s platform is modular and configurable: use one solution or benefit from all it has to offer. Think how finance teams flourish. Think Visualfabriq.


Who can Benefit?

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Finance controller
  • Receive automated forecasts and insight in the drivers of change.
  • Four eye principle for trade spend administration, removing the need to manually check.
  • Bring value with insights in profitability and trade spend development.
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Business copilot
  • Easily prepare the dynamic forecast using the latest estimates.
  • Drive bottom-line through automated reports using all data on the platform.
  • Analyse portfolio profitability and gain insight in drivers.
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Sales Manager
  • Drive top line and bottom line using best practice reports.
  • Enforce control and governance with configurable approval flows.
  • Manage cash flow and free capital through advanced forecasts and accrual management.

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Reliable governance and control


Finance teams feel the burden of legacy systems and spreadsheets. More often than not, it’s their responsibility to deliver the numbers the business needs. It’s a painstakingly time-consuming task. With Visualfabriq’s software, finance teams have access to an automated forecast. Created bottom-up using all data on the platform, it enables analysis on any level of product and plan account hierarchy. Added benefit is the audit proof approval flow, covering all input on the platform. With automated reporting and enforced control, finance teams are available to be a true business partner.

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Visualfabriq solution for CPG finance teams .

Use a full financial P&L

Visualfabriq’s Revenue Plan is created bottom-up using all data available on the platform. Advanced reporting allows variance analysis and latest estimate comparisons.


Analyse channel, customer and portfolio contribution

As true business partner, finance professionals want to deliver insights that improve business results. With Visualfabriq’s reporting capabilities it is easy to get actionable insights.

Enforce governance through approval flows

Empower commercial teams to manage promotions, pricing and trade investment. All trade spend is governed by an embedded workflow. Approval flows are fully configurable to accommodate the needs of every CPG organisation.

Monitor claims and manage accruals

Accrual management is a key part of compliance and ensures a correct cash flow. Visualfabriq allows CPGs to generate and manage accruals and enables claim settlement. All covered by an audit proof workflow.

More insights, less spreadsheets


Bring value to the CPG organisation through value added reports using all data on the platform.

Trust the data: governed by a four eye principle, enforced through configurable approval flows. Efficiently create insight in trade spend development and advise to drive future profitability. Have the solution you need to not only win today, but in the future too.

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Connected solutions.


Revenue PlanTM

Use the automated full financial forecast to


Trade Spend MasterTM

Create a value adding portfolio, pricing and long term investment strategy, driving negotiations that add value to the entire value chain.


Trade Promotion MasterTM

Build a winning promotion strategy through insight in performance and optimisation using the Visualfabriq AI capabilities.