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Rapid changes in cost prices, trade spend, and pricing strategies all pose a challenge finance professionals in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. Pressure from reporting requirements is increasing. Finance leaders know they need technology to enable the organization to respond. However, a reliance on manual reporting undermines accuracy and delays inputs, while process control remains labor-intensive.


Visualfabriq’s software empowers financial teams to drive financial forecasting accuracy through a volume to value P&L. Finance professionals can provide commercial teams with reliable visibility on commercial performance drivers at any level of granularity. Additionally, the audit-proof workflows drive governance and a first-time right approach across teams. Finance becomes not just a function, but a key part of delivering predictable, long-term revenue and profit growth.


Who benefits?

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Financial leader
  • Effective decision making with a full volume-to-value P&L, created bottom-up and available at every level of granularity.
  • Improve predictability through standardized calculations and accrual management, driving cash-flow and freeing up capital.
  • Enforce control and governance through configurable approval flows and effortless audit logs.
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Business copilot
  • Improve return on investment, and provide reports that support strategic goals.
  • Drive predictability of the financial forecast through visibility of commercial performance drivers.
  • Increase assortment profitability through granular volume and value outlook analysis, from every angle and any depth.
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Finance controller
  • Increase commercial forecasting accuracy and provide more reliable trade spend phasing predictions.
  • Drive governance through enforced approval workflows, removing human errors and enjoying effortless logbooks.
  • Support the creation of long-term trade-spend strategies to sustain profitable growth.

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Gain control of forecast and results


Finance leaders in the CPG industry know they should be embracing technology to prepare for the future. Rapidly changing markets coupled with the need to report more often demand accuracy, predictability and agility. Visualfabriq’s software provides CPG organizations with a full outlook on their P&L. This drives accurate and predictable decision making, based on advanced data analytics. Be the driver behind target delivery, providing reliable outlooks and providing reports that free up time for commercial teams to take actions that make a difference.

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Game changers for finance teams

Enjoy low total cost of ownership

Visualfabriq offers its software as a service (SaaS). All customers use the latest codebase, without the need to upgrade – ever. This is paired with low implementation and maintenance costs: 100% configuration drives fast deployment while unlimited scaling capabilities allow for constant growth of your organization and data.


Improve efficiency through seamless data integration

With so many relevant data sources, seamless integration of ex-factory data and external data sources (syndicated data, EPoS etc.) is key. Visualfabriq enables customers to manage all sources efficiently. The result? Improved outlook reliability and the ability to create win-win investment strategies.

Save time by eradicating repetitive tasks

Manual administration, account proposal generation and audit trails take up too much time in CPG organizations. Advanced automation reduces reliance on manual work and frees up time to take those actions that really make a difference.


Drive efficiency with data alignment across the organization

The Visualfabriq revenue forecasting and optimization software is created as a single, integrated ecosystem logically connecting the different solutions to the Revenue Plan and each other. This ensures full alignment of data, driving a one-number principle throughout organizations.

Remove manual work through advanced master data management

Changes in master data, especially assortment changes, eat away valuable time within CPG organizations. Visualfabriq’s Product Lifecycle, a standard feature of the software, handles all product switching and automatically applies it throughout the revenue growth software.

Increase predictability and drive optimization

Accrual management is a key part of Visualfabriq has embedded artificial intelligence (AI), driving the ability to create promotional scenarios and optimize “as you plan.”

Take action to drive profitable growth


Continuous, reliable visibility on commercial performance drivers and the financial outlook: it’s at the heart of Visualfabriq’s software. The Revenue Plan provides a full gross-to-net P&L, created bottom-up from the input of commercial teams and demand planners. The unique reporting module enables further deep dives: variance analysis, snapshotting and portfolio and customer profitability review. To gain insight into the drivers behind the outlook, move to trade promotion planning in the Trade Promotion Master™ or trade spend strategy in the Trade Spend Master™. Focus on “what’s next” to drive profitable growth, with the security of audit-proof workflows to drive full governance.

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Connected solutions.


Trade Spend Master

Create a value adding portfolio, pricing and long term investment strategy, driving negotiations that add value to the entire value chain.


Trade Promotion Master

Build a winning promotion strategy through insight into performance drivers. Optimize to the max using the Visualfabriq AI capabilities.