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The success of brands in the Consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry largely depends on events and activations. But managing them is complex work. What if there was a way to focus on result instead of spending time on administration? Have an event calendar integrated with the promotional strategy. All covered by a governance structure with a transparent approval flow. Visualfabriq’s Marketing Events Master makes management of brand activations efficient and, more importantly, fun!


Visualfabriq’s Marketing Event Master enables:

  • Planning with a simple step-by-step approach, reducing administration time.
  • Tracking of all activations and events in one platform.
  • Specific approval flows for each team

Brand management has never been easier. Step away from complicated legacy tools and manual spreadsheets. Enable your team to plan and track brand activations in an efficient and intuitive manner. Drive transparency and accountability. Unleash the excellence of marketing professionals.


Who can Benefit?

Brand Manager
  • Plan your activations in one, centralised activation calendar.
  • Gain visibility on all past, live, and upcoming activations.
  • Real-time tracking of marketing spends.
Marketing Manager
  • Align easily and keep track of budgets for multiple brands.
  • Access all live, past, and upcoming activations and events across your entire brand portfolio.
  • Compare, review, and approve plans with a 5 click flow.
Marketing Director
  • Organize your team by giving them one source of truth, in one tool.
  • Align above-the-line and bellow-the-line brand building.
  • Minimize manual administration tasks and maximize brand performance.

Create the best plan to grow your brand.

Get rid of the countless hours spend on non-productive, administrative, repetitive tasks. The Marketing Events Master drives fast and easy coordination of budgets, planning and tracking. Spend time on value-added tasks. Explore new forms of communication and activation. Find opportunities for product and event innovation. Define the strategy to optimise impact of your marketing spend. This not only improves results, but also team motivation. Focus on the projects and goals that make the difference.

Marketing persona

Visualfabriq solution for CPG marketing teams.

Plan your marketing activations and events

Step by step planning, tracking and approval has never been easier and more efficient.

Monitor your budget and allocate your trade spend efficiently

Gain actionable insights on committed and actual costs and have accurate forecasts.

Align all your brand activations and events in one Calendar

Drive alignment and optimal planning your workflow.

Achieve visibility, traceability, and accountability

All activations and events are assigned and tracked with easy, secure approval flows.


Stay one step ahead of the competition

Win through brand activation and improve business results in CPG through efficient management and optimisation of all marketing events. Enable teams to optimise marketing spend better than ever. Get actionable insights into committed and actual costs. Improve forecast accuracy. Unlock reporting of your marketing spend, at any required level of detail.

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Marketing Events MasterTM

Build your brand by managing and optimising all activities, promos and events in the marketing space.


“You need a system that can evolve with the changing needs of the organization over time, Visualfabriq has such a system.”

VP Revenue Growth Management | Global Personal Care Company

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