For Sales teams

Win with the best sales strategy.


What if… sales teams had all the insights to create winning strategies? Had enough time on to build long lasting relationships with retailers? Could create promotional strategies that stand out in the market, based on facts? Visualfabriq’s revenue forecasting and optimization software empowers sales teams to do this. Create strategies that drive growth, today and in the future. At the same time get rid of all non-value-added tasks.


The Visualfabriq tools enables:

  • Easy, automated administration of promotions, prices and investments
  • Optimisation of the trade promotion strategy
  • Fast analysis of pricing strategies
  • Creation of an investment strategy


Visualfabriq’s platform is modular and configurable: use one solution or benefit from all it has to offer. Drive autonomy in sales teams through a built-in governance structure. Have the right, checked input and insights available throughout every feature of the software. Enable sales to deliver results. Think how sales teams can bloom. Think Visualfabriq.


Who can Benefit?

Account Manager
  • Optimize promotion strategies and planning
  • Improve negotiations in less time with automated pricing insights
  • Reduce manual administration for investment strategies
Sales Manager
  • Drive optimization with insight into promotions, pricing and investment strategy performance
  • Improve negotiations through scenario modelling & optimisation
  • Save time with review and approval in just a few clicks, covered by a governance structure
Sales Director
  • Empower autonomous decision making on all levels in the organization, covered by an audit-proof approval flow
  • Gain visibility on impact of agreed pricing and investments on revenue and profitability
  • Maximize human capital taking out non-value-added administrative tasks

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Winning promotion, pricing and investment strategies

Ever thought that your annual negotiations could be so much easier? If only there was a way to have all relevant data in just one click…With Visualfabiq’s software sales teams can spend most of their time effectively adding value. Move away from administration and manual data management. Instead, unlock insights from all available data. Combine different sources such as ex-factory and sell-out statistics. Use user-friendly reports. Because the key to success is to turn insights into strategy and action plans.


Visualfabriq solutions for CPG sales teams .

Plan and optimise your promotion strategy

Planning, tracking and approval has never been easier and this efficient. Plan trade promotions with a simple, step by step planning approach. Sales teams are able to start working more agile with minimum onboarding required.

Monitor your performance, allocate efficiently and have real time view of spend

Sales teams can easily get actionable insights in plan account, brand and category performance. Have accurate forecasts and easy reporting of trade spend, at any required level of detail.

Create winning negotiation strategies

Trade spend and pricing are integrated throughout the platform. It’s easy to start to think holistically and prepare a win-win negotiation strategy that brings value to the entire chain.

Visibility, traceability, and accountability

Empower account managers to manage promotions, pricing and trade investment. All trade spend is governed by an embedded workflow. Approval flows are fully configurable to accommodate the needs of every CPG organisation.

Build a sales strategy you love to execute.

Build lasting trade strategies and improve business results in CPG through efficient management and optimization of promotions, pricing and trade investments.

Bring your company into a way of working focused on easily optimizing trade investments for both promotions and contracts. Get actionable insights into trade spend and have accurate forecasts available in just one click. .
Have the reports you need to build an investment strategy that not only allows you to win today, but in the future too.


Connected solutions.


Trade Promotion

Build a winning promotion strategy through insight in performance and optimisation using the Visualfabriq AI capabilities.


Trade Spend

Create a value adding portfolio, pricing and long-term investment strategy, driving negotiations that add value to the entire value chain.