You’ll love our Demand Forecast Master.

With Demand Forecast Master you automatically plan consumption based demand forecasts. It gives insights and exceptions so that you can always optimize your baseline.

Look forward.

The demand overview supports the full S&OP volume cycle, with insights, break-downs, and the ability to manage volumes top-down and bottom-up.

Good to embrace:

The highly automated generation of the statistical baseline.

Demand Forecast Master is an all-in-one solution for accurately predicting and simply managing future demand for organizations, their products and innovations. It allows the automation of creating reasonable, accurate forecasts. These forecasts will combine both internal and external data sources to understand trends with leading machine learning methods.

Zero Touch planning.

The statistical baseline is created bottom-up, so you get a statistical forecast for each plan account / product. Arrive at a maximum zero touch planning (up to 80% sell-out) and only focus on the exceptions.

Generate the ‘Unconstrained Forecast’

Get the answers to: What are my baseline, promoted and other volumes?

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Like: Revenue plan scenario’s

As Demand Forecast Master is the basis for planning and tracking promotions and the revenue plan, you can create all kinds of revenue plan scenarios.

For the deep divers.

Compare the forecast versus the actuals. Or compare it to the delivered forecast, the forecast that is coming from the current demand planning system, or other previously created forecasts.

Every volume cycle discussion becomes easy.

With the S&OP support screen you can review the sell-in unconstrained forecast, the total base plus promotions and other forecasts. Very helpful in the monthly S&OP volume cycle discussions. From now on you leave meetings with answers instead of new questions.

Play with product prediction.

Our philosophy is to predict as much as possible via the machine. But of course, you can ‘play’ with the parameters of the statistical baseline forecast to create new forecasts.

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