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Trade Promotion Master

Plan AI Optimized Promotions 🏷️


Trade Promotion Master™ offers the functionalities to radically improve your promotional process based on the maturity of your market and business needs.

We offer a true end-to-end predictive trade promotion management solution combining zero touch planning, optimization and evaluation from a single point of entry.

With an integration of internal and external data with inbound and outbound interfacing, we connect your whole business together.

Easy plan and evaluate from the moment of planning

  • Promotional planning a long process? Not really, it only takes 1.5 minutes to plan a new promotion


  • From now on, you can directly optimize your promotion before you offer it to the retailer we enable you to evaluate at the moment of planning
  • Want to know what your competitors do? With our up to date year plan you have direct insights in your and your competitors promotions.


  • No more unnecessary waiting with our full ability to use the SOX compliant approval flow without slowing down your business.

Manage budgets and increase ROI

  • Know the full P&L impact for your own and the retailers’ business with our real time insights in ROI


  • Want to know what your brand or retailer does? Budget and spends are available in both individual promotional level and on aggregated business level
  • With the clear authorization rules functionality, you can easily manage your business by limiting access


  • Get control over your business by using our approval workflow and SoX compliant logbook

A single platform with applied AI

  • Are S&OP meetings a tough job for you? Our automatic translation from sales to demand planning volume ensures everyone speaks the same language.
  • Predict significantly better with our predictive AI model for market volume prediction, forward buy and logistic phasing


  • Full integration of sell in & sell out data at the lowest level

See what we can specifically mean for you

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Want to know more what we can specifically mean for you?

Want to know more what we can specifically mean for you?