Our champion: Trade Promotion Master

Plan and optimize your promotion plan in minutes, instead of hours.

Actually it’s kind of fun.

Our AI-driven, holistic promotion planning optimization solution, that covers the end-to-end promotion planning, optimization and evaluation process.

This is why you are
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  • AI-based prediction models improve your volume forecast and simplify the planning process.
  • Real-time insights help you to increase your ROI, profit and volume.
  • You can improve and optimize your strategic promotion plan while planning.
  • Thanks to the reporting and analytics module you leave meetings with actionable insights.
  • You are able to unlock the value of all your internal, external and third-party data sources.
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Let’s take a closer look.

Simplified and automated promotion planning.

Traditional trade promotion planning processes are often experienced as complex and burdensome. With Trade Promotion Master, you plan promotions in seconds instead of hours.

Zero-touch planning driven by AI.

Creates accurate predictions of shopper behaviour, forward buy, phasing and redemption percentages.

Optimize and evaluate promotion while planning.

The only moment in time when you can truly optimize your promotion is in the moment of planning. That’s why we built Trade Promotion Master. It gives you the opportunity to run different what-if scenarios, and see the full financial and volume results immediately.

Post event analytics and actionable insights

To continuously improve a promotion strategy, Trade Promotion Master provides you with fully automated post event analytics and helps you to gather meaningful insights.

Fully automated, real-time integration with ERP and demand planning systems.

Data integration between manufacturer systems and Trade Promotion Master is fully automated and no manual processes are required.

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Easily configurable promotion planning process.

You may be used to customization that costs time and money, and creates dependency on external consultants. Not anymore! With Trade Promotion Master you can easily configure functionality and user interfaces according to your needs, without any costs.

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