Our Trade Spend Master, it’s a genius.

Drive profitable revenue growth, make decisions anytime, anywhere, based on all available data, artificial intelligence, and workflows.

At a glance.

A full Trade Spend Management solution including price management, pricing and condition simulation, contract management, business planning and financial forecasting. It automatically integrates volume and spend effects from Trade Promotion Master. It can use the baseline from Demand Forecast Master as a starting point.

Trade Spend Master gives you one version of the truth and enables optimal pricing negotiation with retailers.

This will make you smile.

Actionable Insights.

We believe that time spent on trade spend management should always generate actionable insights. So we removed the non-value activities from administration.

Save hours, even days.

With Trade Spend Master, price and allowance management is made easy with simple input and workflows. Complex manual processes now take just minutes, saving hours or even days at a time.

Clarity for every stakeholder.

There are many stakeholders in trade spend management. To bring clarity (and one version of the truth) we give each stakeholder, whether an account manager, a financial controller or executive management, one single point of entry with the Pricing Module.



We believe in standardization of processes with workflows. A key benefit of the workflows is that they store the entire approval flow, creating an audit trail fitting the needs of the company through configuration.

Easy Valuating of the Risks and Opportunities.

Made possible by automated calculation of the impact. For decision makers, we’ve created a dashboard that shows the top three in terms of impact of all risks and opportunities. It gives you a total value to enable quick visibility in key discussions.

Plan what you discuss.

We believe you should plan what you discuss, because manufacturers and retailers negotiate contracts, not conditions. With Visualfabriq you discuss contracts.

Pricing becomes a piece of cake.

Pricing is often very complicated and time-consuming. Not anymore: Trade Spend Master reduces manual input to a minimum and administrative work from days into minutes. Get insights instantly!

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