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Unlock success in the Fast Moving Consumer Health industry with Visualfabriq’s Trade Promotion Master™. Explore data-driven solutions that supercharge your trade promotions and overcome industry obstacles.

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The Consumer Health challenge

Retail and Pharmacy Dynamics

Consumer Health companies navigate dynamics between retail and pharmacy channels. While retail offers data for informed decisions, the pharmacy presents a fragmented landscape. Visualfabriq’s solutions harmonize data, enabling tailored strategies.

Strong Seasonality

OTC products experience pronounced seasonality, demanding precise demand planning. Visualfabriq’s software provides tools for accurate baseline prediction and long-term forecasting to address this challenge effectively.

Price Adjustments

Price adjustments are common in the Consumer Health industry. Visualfabriq’s software empowers businesses with joint business planning and scenario planning capabilities to navigate pricing dynamics and maintain profitability for both CPG and account.


Managing Promotions

The industry often enjoys healthier margins during promotional periods than other CPG industries, but managing these promotions can be complex. Visualfabriq’s AI-driven forecasting simplifies promotion management, ensuring strategic timing and placement for maximum impact.

Data Integration

In addition to the existing challenges, Consumer Health companies often struggle with combining diverse data sources. Visualfabriq addresses this challenge by providing a seamless data integration solution, ensuring all relevant data is unified for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Discover Consumer Health excellence

  • icon Enhance profitability with data-driven insights and optimized trade promotion strategies.
  • icon Improve visibility into trade promotion effectiveness, enabling quicker, better decisions.
  • icon Streamline promotion management, saving time and resources for strategic decision-making.
  • icon Harmonize retail and pharmacy data for a comprehensive view of product performance.
Discover Consumer Health excellence

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What’s so exciting?

Data harmony for success
Visualfabriq combines all relevant, available data sources retail and pharmacy data. The software empowers businesses to gain insights across channels, enabling data-driven decisions for demand planning, promotions, and product offerings, pricing strategies.
Effortless promotion management
Consumer Health promotions can be complex. Visualfabriq simplifies the process with AI-driven forecasting, ensuring promotions deliver the expected returns. Tailor strategies for different product categories and market dynamics.
Leveraging seasonality growth
OTC products have strong seasonality. Visualfabriq's software offers powerful tools for accurate baseline prediction and long-term forecasting, ensuring you're prepared for peaks and valleys in demand.
Price adjustments made easy
Price adjustments are common in the industry. Visualfabriq's software offers joint business planning and scenario planning capabilities to adapt to market dynamics and maintain profitability.
Your prescription for success
Visualfabriq is your strategic partner in the evolving Consumer Health landscape. Embrace data-driven decision-making, optimize promotions, and succeed in a fast-paced industry.

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