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Drive revenue growth and optimisation with AI enhanced trade promotion management. Make decisions anytime and anywhere. Unlock insights from all available data, automatically connected, and enhanced by embedded artificial intelligence.

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Create winning trade promotion plans, fast and simple

Drive revenue growth and optimisation with AI enhanced trade promotion management. Make decisions anytime and anywhere. Unlock insights from all available data, automatically connected, enhanced by embedded artificial intelligence.


With its embedded AI solutions, the Trade Promotion Master helps CPGs to plan promotions and predict trade promotion effectiveness in just a few clicks. It gives insight into promotion efficiency and ROI. In zero clicks it suggests what mechanisms can help to better achieve targets.


Post execution, it delivers actionable results. The software integrates all data available in CPG – not only ex-factory but also syndicated data. This drives constant improvement of trade promotion strategies. And the good news: it only requires minimal manual intervention. What’s not to love?


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Spend smarter with the Trade Promotion Master

Add value to the business and deliver targets Visualfabriq’s reporting and analytics

What’s so exciting?

Improve the forecast with AI-based predictions
Visualfabriq's embedded artificial intelligence (AI) solution uses both internal and external historical data. It accurately predicts the ROI and performance of promotions using both ex-factory and syndicated data.
Increase ROI with real-time insights
Trade promotion optimization was never easier. With one-of a kind integration throughout the platform, it was never easier to pre- and post-evaluate. Efficiently allocate funds and leverage data to improve future ROI.
Promotions that make plan accounts happy
The Trade Promotion Master unlocks insights in performance of the CPG organisation as well as the plan account. Execute true joint business planning: create a promotion strategy that contributes to both parties.
Visibility, traceability and accountability
Planning, tracking and approval of your trade promotions is embedded in Visualfabriq’s fully configurable and automated approval workflow. After the step-by-step creation of a promotion, approvals and adjustments are stored in your logbook. Enforce traceability and accountability though all levels in the organisation.
Leave every meeting with actionable insights
Visualfabriq makes it easy to analyse trade promotions. The reporting functions enable CPGs to review promotional performance at any level of detail. Deep dive to get actionable insights into plan account, brand and category performance.

Why Visualfabriq Trade Promotion Master?

Optimise and evaluate promotions while planning.

Visualfabriq believes that time spent on trade promotion management should always generate actionable insights. That’s why the Trade Promotion Master calculates the impact of your promotion as you are planning. The embedded AI enables users to make decisions on the spot, gaining valuable time to invest in the business.

Post-event analytics and actionable insights

Post-event analysis is key to improve future performance of promotions. The Trade Promotion Master provides CPGs with fully automated post-event analytics. It includes configurable reports to gather meaningful insights

Fully automated integration with ERP and demand planning

Visualfabiq takes all the hassle of manual data processing out of the equation. Data integration between the tool and ERP systems is fully automated using the unique Bifrost integration platform. Manage the transfer of data with just a few clicks.

Easily configurable to accommodate your process

The Trade Promotion Master puts users in the driver’s seat. Its fully configurable functionality and approval workflows give CPGs the governance they need, at no extra costs.

A 100% SaaS solution driven by embedded AI

Imagine having accurate predictions based on shopper and plan account behavior such as stocking up, forward buying, phasing and redemption. Visualfabriq’s trade promotion management software allows CPGs to automatically include all that, and more. Learn from past promotions and improve future forecast and performance.

Work on a central platform

The unique architecture of the Visualfabriq platform is built around centrally stored data. Because of that, data entered in the Trade Promotion Master is available throughout the platform. Alternatively, you can use pricing and volume input entered elsewhere to calculate your promotional ROI.

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What is Trade promotion management? 

Trade promotion management is the process of planning, managing and executing trade promotions. Usually, the sales team is in the lead, aligning internally with demand and finance teams. As the point of execution usually are retail outlet, plan accounts are also involved in the process.

What is Trade promotion optimisation?

Trade promotion optimisation is the process of continuous improvement of promotional effectiveness and efficiency, driving increased ROI. TPO is a continuous loop: following execution of a promotion, learnings are captured to improve future promotions.


Whilst in the past this was often a manual process, today there is trade promotion management software like Visualfabriq’s to support sales teams. The Trade Promotion Master integrates the data sources that in the past were manually combined, such as ex-factory volumes, syndicated and Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data.


Supported by enhanced AI, trade promotion optimisation delivers continuous feedback: when a user creates a new promotion, all learnings from past promotions are used to propose the optimal scenario. Trade promotion optimization solution, therefore, is no longer a standalone process: with Visualfabriq, optimization is available at all time, without effort.

Can I integrate the Trade Promotion Master with my ERP system? 

Absolutely! Integration between Visualfabriq and a customer’s ERP system is a standard phase of our deployment approach. As our aim is to remove all manual administration, we make sure that our platform is your one stop shop: plan and approve to trigger a message.

Is Visualfabriq trade promotion management software secure? 

At Visualfabriq the security of client’s data is paramount. Therefore, Visualfabriq is fully certified for:


ISO 27001 – ISO/IEC 27001


SOC 2 – SOC 2

What sort of data can Visualfabriq integrate in your platform? 

Visualfabriq supports the integration of all ERP systems. Integration works both ways: the platform pulls in master data and sends pricing, conditions and volumes.


Visualfabriq also integrates in-market data: syndicated data (such as Nielsen, IRI), Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data. Even weather reports!

Can I use floor pricing in Visualfabriq’s trade promotion management solution? 

Absolutely! It’s clear that setting thresholds for prices and discounts can be key to maintain a minimum level of profitability. Visualfabriq supports floor price management and can incorporate floor prices in warning messages and approval flows.

Can Visualfabriq supply a full logbook of adjustments and approvals for audit purposes? 

Governance and compliance are key in the CPG industry. Every change made in the Trade Promotion Master is fully captured in a logbook. This logbook is available on the platform, to track actions. But rest assured, there won’t be any surprises. The platform has a role based workflow. This means that organisations determine themselves who is allowed to perform what action. It is also possible to add approval rules such as thresholds. All to make sure any action on the platform is entirely audit proof.

Does Visualfabriq’s platform allow me to settle claims for my trade promotions? 

It definitely does! The Trade Promotion Master fully integrates with the Visualfabriq Claims module.

What if I have a risk or an opportunity, can I capture those too? 

Of course! An opportunity to execute an additional promotion that an account manager does not yet want to formally plan. A retailer that threatens to pull a promotion of the calendar. Visualfabriq enables commercial teams to simply capture risks and opportunities as part of the Demand Forecast Master offering.


“Visualfabriq is a forerunner in AI usage for trade management. 80% of a tier one client’s planning is accomplished through new AI capabilities and models.”

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