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Forecasting demand for CPG is now 200% faster with SageMaker

In June 2022, Visualfabriq concluded the migration from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to Amazon SageMaker ensuring a more efficient solution. The implementation of SageMaker aligns with Visualfabriq’s goals of creating a scalable and consistent infrastructure for its Machine Learning models. 

Visualfabriq offers a unique end-to-end SaaS platform with applied Artificial Intelligence capabilities, that drive Revenue Growth Management to customers in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. The company supports top leading CPG companies worldwide with its machine learning (ML) and AI predictions. 

Visualfabriq constantly seeks innovation and working with partners such as Amazon reinforces the effort to be at the front of the technology curve and consistently deliver high value to our customers. The partnership with Amazon SageMaker brings countless benefits to the customers, the biggest impact of the migration is the significant improvement in the performance and efficiency of Visualfabriq solutions. The Demand Forecast module, the all-in-one solution for accurately predicting baselines and future demand management, improved the response time by 200 percent.  

SageMaker implementation allows Visualfabriq to standardize its artificial intelligence deployment to clients faster and in a scalable way to endow future growth. It provides the most efficient automation for model implementation and usage, which were some of the main factors that drove the decision to migrate from Amazon S3 to Sagemaker, as was the desire to reduce manual development work. 

Amazon has published the full business case of the partnership with Visualfabriq on its website, which can be accessed here