Visualfabriq trade promotion management software

  • icon Optimization during planning: no redundancy between administration and optimization, but see the results of a promotion immediately as you plan – and get alternative scenarios to improve.
  • icon Pre- and post- evaluation of promotions using all relevant data sources, available to commercial teams without effort.
  • icon Automated visibility of the promotional impact in an internal and account P&L, supported by extensive reporting capabilities to analyze variances and commercial performance drivers.
  • icon Integrated budget setting and approval workflows to drive autonomy and enforce compliancy.

Visualfabriq trade promotion management software

Trade promotion management software guide
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The Trade Promotion Management and Optimization software for the CPG market

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Optimized trade promotion plans

Cost price increases, promotional pressure surges, and consumers who are ever more sensitive to the right trade promotions. It is increasingly hard for CPG manufacturers to win just through promotional investments. In this context, a data driven approach to rethink trade promotion strategy enables profitable revenue growth. However, a reliance on manual combination and analysis of all available data limits the organization’s ability to invest effectively and efficiently.


Visualfabriq’s Trade Promotion Master™ drives trade promotion management and optimization at its best. It empowers commercial teams to develop optimized trade promotion strategies, based on automated data-driven insights, supported by artificial intelligence (AI). Enjoy uplift insights, tracking against budgets, simplified planning, automated account proposals and the control of an audit-proof workflow. Be ready to drive predictable, long-term revenue growth and profitability.


The software:

Improve visibility of trade promotion effectiveness and make quicker, better decisions

User story: Perfetti van Melle + Visualfabriq


Find how one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum is driving trade promotion efficiency and effectiveness.

Perfetti van Melle

The embedded trade promotion optimization software


The Trade Promotion Master combines trade promotion management and trade promotion optimization. Trade promotion management in CPG handles the planning, management, and execution of trade promotions. Trade promotion optimization, meanwhile, aims to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the promotions.


Visualfabriq combines the two processes into a single workflow: the trade promotion optimization solution is intertwined with planning. Review the predicted outcome of the trade promotion and its effectiveness, create scenarios for alternative mechanisms, and select the most relevant to advance in the process of approval. Or use a proposal generated by zero-touch planning. No need to switch between multiple systems to optimize or wait for a stand-alone optimization run. Visualfabriq drives trade promotion optimization as an integral part of the promotion planning tool. Make faster decisions and save time planning and adjusting.

What’s so exciting?

Run promotions that meet strategic goals
Optimize promotions using embedded AI, create promotions through zero-touch planning, or deep dive using best practice reports.
Pre and Post evaluate based on ex-factory and syndicated data
Seamlessly combine relevant, available data sources to generate internal and account P&L’s to review promotional contribution before and after execution, and act looking forward.
Save time and spend on promotional processing
Plan and approve faster with Visualfabriq’s configurable workflow. Enjoy the control of effortless audit logbook creation. Benefit from integrated claim matching and actualization of promotional volumes and spend.
Include uncertainties in your promotional plan
Be ready for the unexpected with standardized input for risks and opportunities and create scenarios to model your plans. Compare promotional strategies, or review different scenarios for a singular promotion side by side.
Monitor trade promotion spend efficiently
Set budgets and limit trade spend with minimum manual hassle.
Efficient account communication
Remove redundant data transfers to account proposals. Instead, fill account mandated formats with one click.

Game changers for trade promotion management

Enjoy low total costs of ownership

Visualfabriq offers its software as a service (SaaS). All customers use the latest codebase, without the need to upgrade ever. This is paired with low implementation and maintenance costs: 100% configuration drives fast deployment while unlimited scaling capabilities allow for constant growth of your organization and data.

Improve efficiency through seamless data integration

With so many relevant data sources, seamless integration of ex-factory data and external data sources (syndicated data, EPoS etc.) is key. Visualfabriq enables customers to manage all sources efficiently. The result? Improved outlook reliability and the ability to create win-win investment strategies.

Save time through removal of repetitive tasks

Manual administration, account proposal generation and audit trails take up too much time in CPG organizations. Advanced automation reduces reliance on manual work and frees up time to take those actions that really make a difference

Remove manual work through advanced master data management

Changes in master data, especially assortment changes, eat away valuable time within CPG organizations. Visualfabriq’s Product Lifecycle, a standard feature of the software, handles all product switching and automatically applies it throughout the revenue growth software.

Drive efficiency with data alignment across the organization

The Visualfabriq revenue forecasting and optimization software is created as a single, integrated ecosystem logically connecting the different solutions to the Revenue Plan and each other. This ensures full alignment of data, driving a one-number principle throughout organizations.

Increase predictability and drive optimization

Visualfabriq has embedded artificial intelligence (AI), driving the ability to create promotional scenarios and optimize “as you plan.”

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What are Trade promotion management solutions? 

Trade promotion management is the process of planning, managing and executing trade promotions. Usually, the sales team is in the lead, aligning internally with marketing, category, demand and finance teams. As the point of execution often is a store or online seller, accounts are also involved in the process. Trade Promotion management solutions enable sales teams to efficiently plan their promotions, manage approvals and integrate the input into demand forecasts, financial outlooks and ERP systems. Advanced promotion planning tools have integrated trade promotion optimization, meaning that users can pre- and post-evaluate their promotional strategy and improve their plans to drive revenue and profit, often helped by AI.

What is Trade promotion optimization?

Trade promotion optimization is the process of continuous improvement of promotional effectiveness and efficiency, driving increased ROI. TPO is a continuous loop: following execution of a promotion, learnings are captured to improve future promotions.


Whilst in the past this was often a manual process, today there is trade promotion management software like Visualfabriq’s to support sales teams. The Trade Promotion Master integrates the data sources that in the past were manually combined, such as ex-factory volumes, syndicated and Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data.


Supported by enhanced AI, trade promotion optimisation delivers continuous feedback: when a user creates a new promotion, all learnings from past promotions are used to propose the optimal scenario. Trade promotion optimization solution, therefore, is no longer a standalone process: with Visualfabriq, optimization is available at all time, without effort.

Can I integrate the Trade Promotion Master with my ERP system? 

Absolutely! Integration between Visualfabriq and a customer’s ERP system is a standard phase of our deployment approach. As Visualfabriq’s aim is to remove all manual administration, it makes sure that the trade promotion management solution is your one stop shop: plan and approve to trigger a message.

Is Visualfabriq trade promotion management software secure?

At Visualfabriq the security of client’s data is paramount. Therefore, Visualfabriq is fully certified for:


ISO 27001 – ISO/IEC 27001


SOC 2 – SOC 2

What sort of data can Visualfabriq integrate in the trade promotion management software?

Visualfabriq supports the integration of all ERP systems. Integration works both ways: the platform pulls in master data and sends pricing, conditions and volumes.


Visualfabriq also integrates in-market data: syndicated data (such as Nielsen, IRI), Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data. Even weather reports, to explain why your Ice Cream promotion suddenly did much better during the heatwave.

Can we assign guardrails, e.g. floor prices, minimum retailer invoice prices?

Absolutely! It’s clear that setting thresholds for prices and discounts can be key to maintain a minimum level of profitability. Visualfabriq supports floor price management and can incorporate floor prices in warning messages and approval flows.

Can Visualfabriq supply a full logbook of adjustments and approvals for audit purposes? 

Governance and compliance are key in the CPG industry. Every change made in the Trade Promotion Master is fully captured in a logbook. This logbook is available on the platform, to track actions. But rest assured, there won’t be any surprises. The Visualfabiq promotion management tool has a role based workflow. This means that organizations determine themselves who is allowed to perform what action. It is also possible to add approval rules such as thresholds. All to make sure any action on the platform is entirely audit proof.

Does Visualfabriq’s platform allow me to settle claims for my trade promotions? 

It definitely does! The Trade Promotion Master fully integrates with the Visualfabriq Claims module.

What if I have a risk or an opportunity, can I capture those too? 

Of course! Visualfabriq knows there are things that might happen, but that should not be in ERP just yet. However, representation in the revenue forecast is key: an account that threatens to pull a promotion of the calendar, or the chance to have an additional promotion in place. Visualfabriq enables commercial teams to simply capture risks and opportunities and make them visible throughout the software.

Does Visualfabriq offer a connection to external sources of data?

Absolutely. The unique Bifrost data integration layer enables customers to both load data to the software and extract reports for use in external solutions.

Does Visualfabriq allow to define RSP’s (retailer suggested price) in the trade promotion management solution?

RSP’s are managed centrally in the Visualfabriq software. They can be used throughout the software where relevant.

The Trade Promotion Management and Optimization software for the CPG market

We work with leaders in the CPG industry

Group 1053
Group 1052